Epic Keynotes brings a unique approach to the business of keynote speakers. We serve our clients and speakers in three ways:

1) We are a high-caliber keynote speakers bureau.

2) We are a advisory firm that helps companies and associations navigate the end-to-end process of sourcing, booking, and coordinating keynote speakers.

3) We have created a talent management division to exclusively manage the careers of a select group of world-class keynote speakers.


Joshua White launched Epic Keynotes to help companies and speakers leverage the full potential of speaking engagements. Epic's business model does not quantify bookings as the measure of success; instead, Epic focuses on generating the maximum impact possible for its clients. To that end, Epic works not just with thought leaders but with leaders of thought, those rare individuals who can impart something so profound that it will stay with audiences for the rest of their lives.

Over the past decade, Joshua has been at the forefront of the professional speaking industry, working with some of the world's most renowned keynote speakers and corporate clients and charting a new direction for the sector. With Epic Keynotes, he helped pioneer a new approach to booking keynote speakers, from a transactional bureau to a consultant for both corporate clients and the keynote speakers themselves.

Joshua White

The E.P.I.C. Difference

We didn’t pick the word EPIC because of its lofty promise – we chose it because it embodies who we are and how we approach the world of events.


The most innovative solutions to challenges are developed using a recipe of open client collaboration, a deep understanding of attendees, and a pinch of risk.

Exploration to the edge of possibility is the primary driver of value creation. That’s what gets us up every day.


Event stakeholders know attendees demand more today than ever before. Simply connecting an event’s theme to various event components doesn’t cut it anymore.

Purpose-driven events are what unlock attendee potential and deliver outcomes. Our throughline approach identifies the invisible threads that bind your event together.


Artificial Intelligence isn’t going to take the job of event stakeholders anytime soon. We know the importance of creativity on the stage and in virtual environments, and how that translates into attendee engagement and overall event buy-in.

Our collective years spanning numerous industries inspires us to think laterally and creates limitless potential.


Possibilities are endless – time isn’t. Our relentless curation of exceptional speakers and processes keeps us at the forefront of delivering impact.

It also keeps you working on the other things that will make your event Epic.

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