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We'll Find The Right Keynote For Your Event



Epic Keynotes only works with extraordinary keynote speakers. Average keynote speakers can ruin your event, but great ones add rocket fuel.

The Epic Keynotes team is masterful at diagnosing the speakers and elements that make keynote speeches soar.

We’re perfectionists, working tirelessly to match your messaging with the best speaker for your needs. 


You need the RIGHT keynote speaker.

We work with you to find the perfect keynote for your event. But we're not just a Booking Service - we handle all the details you're not event thinking about.



We identify the goals, topics, and themes specific to each keynote speaker. We establish a rigorous vetting process to select speakers who align with your vision and resonate with your audience.



We generate a firm offer that outlines all the details, including speaker fees, logistics, and any additional services. We handle contract management and invoicing, ensuring transparency and efficiency.



We work closely with the speaker to facilitate event collateral and deliverables. Our team organizes briefing calls, coordinates logistics, and provides day-of support to ensure a flawless event.


Our commitment extends beyond individual events—we’re invested in your long-term success. With a track record of delighted clients, we’ve earned their trust by consistently delivering exceptional speakers who resonate with their audiences. Join our family of satisfied partners and experience The Epic Keynotes Difference firsthand.

“Epic Keynotes is not your average speakers bureau, they are truly an extension of your team. When working with Epic you know that you are working with people that not only have a very broad understanding of the industry, but also care deeply about your expected outcome and goals. They put in the work to ensure those goals are achieved."

Director, Event Production

“Working with Epic Keynotes was an absolute game-changer for our event. They’re not just a speakers bureau; they’re like having an entire team of event experts by your side. Their deep industry knowledge, genuine care, and relentless commitment to our success made all the difference. From brainstorming the right speakers to executing flawlessly, Epic Keynotes exceeded our expectations.”

Stellar Meetings
President & CSO

"Epic Keynotes' wide-range of connections and deep industry relationships helped us identify the right speakers for our customer conference and book with ease. They are not just there to help you find a speaker and get a contract signed, they are a true partner in every step of the process from ideation, to selection, all the way through to execution.”

ReSource Pro
Speaker Manager



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Get helpful tips and insightful updates on the keynote speaking industry.

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In the short amount of time of a keynote speech, a thought leader isn't enough to manifest actual change. What companies need are leaders of thought.

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