You don’t need MORE keynote speaker choices; you need the RIGHT keynote speaker. 

Epic Keynotes only works with extraordinary keynote speakers. Because average keynote speakers can ruin your event; great ones add rocket fuel.

The Epic Keynotes team is masterful at diagnosing the speakers and elements that make keynote speeches soar. We’re perfectionists, working tirelessly to match your messaging with the best speaker for your needs. 

We're not just a booking service.

Epic Keynotes handles all the details you're not even thinking about.

Our 3-Step Process


  • Identify goals, objectives, topics, and themes for each keynote speaker

  • Determine keynote speaker scope and deliverables

  • Establish vetting process


  • Generate a firm offer

  • Manage contract and invoicing

  • Facilitate event collateral from speaker


  • Oversee deliverables

  • Facilitate keynote content alignment

  • Organize speaker briefing calls

  • Coordinate speaker event logistics and travel

  • Provide day-of support

  • Execute post-event deliverables

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